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First of all, separation anxiety is a perfectly normal behavior in children. It is a feeling of anxiousness and fear of being left alone. The child often deals with three feelings when a parent leaves him/her. The first is grief, the second is fear and the last feeling is a child can deal with is anger. This is a feeling not always recognized by adults.

What a child may do?

  • Some children will show great emotion when left at school, while some might not show it until weeks later.
  • The child may get more upset when the parent has trouble leaving the child.
  • Some children may have a mild attach of separation anxiety.

What a parent can do?

  • Introduce the child to the school on the first day.
  • Have the child bring something from home that will make them feel safe.
  • Most importantly recognize the child’s feelings.

What a teacher can do?

  • Maintain regular contact with the parents
  • Discuss the child’s feelings with the parents.
  • Encourage the child to be verbal and express his/her feelings.
  • Comfort the child.